We help our clients become leaner and greener by focusing on their energy usage and other sustainability goals.

RPM helps commercial, industrial, and public entities reduce their energy usage and achieve other sustainability objectives. By developing goals aligned with our clients’ primary business, we help them create common-sense strategies to achieve them. Our collaborative approach engages the right people at the right time, ensuring success throughout the process.

Our sustainability team blends with your team - without added overhead.

We are not installers and we are not selling any particular product or service. Our independence gives us the ability to choose the best, most cost-effective combination of approaches for each client over time. RPM is also a certified WBE in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Our comprehensive approaches include tactics that evolve over time as goals are achieved and technologies change, including:

Engineering & Technical

Facility assessment

Project development

Project costing & savings calculations

Owners agent services

System optimization

Maintenance consulting

Education and training

Strategy & Planning

Sustainability planning

Financial analyses

Organizational analyses

Public and non-public bidding

Benchmarking & data tracking


Securing incentives & other funding