RPM offers clients a range of services, each providing important benefits.

Strategic energy management

We use a two-step approach that first focuses on optimizing current operations and usage, then considers implementing alternative technologies. At RPM, we meet with the client’s key decision makers to discuss the company vision, sustainability objectives, concerns, resources, time line, and starting point. Through this collaborative process, we create a Sustainability Plan that provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve desired results, how to engage the right people at the right time, and how to ensure immediate and continued success from initial planning stages through project implementation.

building organizational capacity

In order to take root, we believe that concepts and tools for improved performance should be integrated with existing processes and procedures. We build capacity by providing staff with the necessary tools to support objectives and then work to incorporate these tools into existing processes and procedures to the extent possible.  Providing integrated tools demonstrates management support and simplifies compliance. Common areas that we target are purchasing and other contract templates, budgeting and financial planning, employee training, management support, and communications and reporting.

project design and implementation

RPM provides complete project design and implementation services for a variety of end-use technologies in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We focus on ensuring high performance and cost-effectiveness in all projects through our holistic approach.

Recognizing that each client has unique circumstances, we customize project design and delivery to suit each client’s needs while maintaining core project design best practices. We take the system, facility, and organization into consideration, and when warranted, we perform system monitoring to fully understand current operations. This often leads to reduced first cost as well as reduced operating costs. Once the project scope is defined, RPM works with your contractors or with contractors from our network to bring projects to fruition.

Benchmarking and tracking

Developing a baseline of energy and water consumption against which to measure future progress is a critical component of a successful initiative. Equally important is creating a process for analyzing data and sharing results both up and down the management chain. Because of that, we ground every sustainability initiative we work on in SMART goals- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. When necessary, we can help identify appropriate software, develop meaningful metrics, and create processes to input, maintain and analyze data as well as to communicate results.