Rethinking Power Management brings energy and sustainability expertise to companies who don’t have in-house specialists.

We think that working with RPM is like having your very own sustainability department. We believe that project management and high-level strategy should be linked to empower organizations to move seamlessly between vision, design, operations, and maintenance. Here are some thoughts on what you can achieve with RPM:



We deliver services that align with your organization's needs and resources - from visioning & design to project oversight, financing & reporting



Our unique teams of business strategists and engineers bring deep and diverse experience across a wide range of industries and sectors.



We approach problem solving from your side of the table, with an unbiased perspective and holistic strategy, so that you can be confident you are investing in the right solution.



We use innovative, sustainable solutions to create efficient operational processes, greater organizational control, and bottom-line value.



Sustainability is smart business. beyond cost reductions and smaller environmental footprints, it leads to greater insight and control of business practices.


Who We Are

We are a team of strategy consultants, engineers, and building specialists skilled at incorporating sustainable practices into facility operations and organizational processes.

What We Do

RPM creates bottom line benefits for commercial, non-profit, and public entities while also achieving greenhouse gas emission reductions and other environmental benefits.

How We Do It

Our Two-Step Process highlights inefficiencies and prioritizes system improvements. Success comes from experienced design and management of cost-effective solutions.


Take Action

Ready to take the next step? Connect with us to learn how we can help your firm improve your energy efficiency while providing tangible, bottom-line benefits.

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About Us

Learn more about RPM, our mission, methods and people, and read case studies that demonstrate how we’ve helped clients become more energy efficient.

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